We are extremely proud of our home health care service.

Who is Benevolent Home Health Care?

Benevolent – is an adjective that describes a person who has the desire to help.

We take the definition of our name seriously. Our staff is working tirelessly to be the premier Personal Care Nursing Agency in the Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan area. Benevolent Home Health Care is a private duty nursing agency that provides a full range of nursing services from the nursing assistant to the registered nurse.

Our Mission Statement

We will provide comprehensive and cost effective care to individuals with special health care needs while making every effort possible to support and maintain our clients within their community. We will maintain objectivity and warmth, knowledge and empathy, integrity and wisdom, adaptation and creativity, knowing that when these qualities are pulled together we are able to provide holistic quality modern home health care.

Medication Reminders
Medication Reminders

Staying on-top of medication is important
Our staff will remind and assist our clients with taking their daily medications.

Home Health Care Assistance
Health Care Assistance

Sometimes we need extra help with caring for our loved ones
We will serve you or your loved ones at home, any nursing centers or at any hospital.

Assessment / Appointment Request